Multiple SSID & Built-in RADIUS Server

VigorAP 910C can be used to provide Wi-Fi service to staff and guest at the same time, up to 8 SSIDs can be configured on VigorAP 910C, and each of the SSID can be mapped to a different VLAN and have a unique security settings.
VigorAP 910C is also an integrated solution for a business network which would like to do 802.1x authentication (instead of using a shared password, this requires a unique username and password for each user) but does not have an authentication server deployed yet. VigorAP 910C can do 802.x authentication based on the local user accounts, and also act as the RADIUS server for other devices  (e.g., a router) on the network.
For a network where multiple access points are deployed, VigorAP 910C provides solutions to improve the Wi-Fi clients roaming experience. While roaming is a choice of the client device, VigorAP 910C can help the client switching to another access point which offers better signal by the feature called AP-Assisted Roaming, custom conditions can be set including a stronger signal guaranteed. (Learn more about AP-Assisted Roaming by visiting

Easy Setup & Monitoring

Vigor AP 910C supports both stand-alone setup and controller-based setup. For settings up a few access points only, the configuration can be done directly on the AP's intuitive web user interface. When it comes to managing a large amount of access point, there is the centralized management tool - VigorACS to perform configuration provisioning, bulk firmware upgrade, status monitoring, and statistical analysis. Furthermore, for those who are already using a Vigor Router that supports central management feature, they can manage the VigorAP 910C through the routers web user interface as well.