Dr. Mohamad Sallam

CEO & Development Director

I am honored to meet yours today as the CEO of MAS MASR Technology. It is a privilege to address such a talented and dedicated group of individuals who have contributed immensely to the success of our company.

We live in a rapidly evolving digital age, and it is crucial that we stay ahead of the curve. Our team of experts will continue to explore new frontiers, develop groundbreaking products, and revolutionize the way businesses operate

One of our core values at Mas Masr Technology is excellence. We strive for excellence in everything we do, from the quality of our products to the level of service we provide to our clients.

Innovation is another key aspect of our company's DNA. We encourage creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, as we firmly believe that it is through innovation that we can make a real impact in the world. Our team is constantly exploring new technologies, trends, and market opportunities to ensure that we remain at the forefront.

At Mas Masr Technology, we also recognize the importance of collaboration and teamwork. We value diversity and believe that the best ideas come from a variety of perspectives. By fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment, we can leverage the collective expertise of our team and achieve even greater success.

Lastly, I want to emphasize our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We believe that businesses have a responsibility to give back to the communities in which they operate. Through various initiatives, we aim to make a positive and lasting impact on society, whether it is through supporting education, environmental sustainability, or social welfare.

MAS MASR Technology is an Egyptian information technology company working in the field of providing information and communication technology solutions to companies and institutions in Egypt.

We specialize in developing custom software in cybersecurity, networking, virtualization and IT infrastructure solutions.

From this standpoint, the company has become an agent in Egypt for one of the world's largest companies known in the production of protection devices and linking branches (VPN), which is the Taiwanese company ( DrayTek ) and it adopts the principle ( That protection is always an important and serious issue ) ( ROUTRs ) VPN - Firewall - Access point - Switch's>

We can provide you with information about the products and services offered by DrayTek in Egypt and assist you in obtaining the necessary technical support and guidance.

The company also provides direct technical assistance and support for the first time in Egypt throughout the day without borders through its specialized engineers.

We aim to provide our clients with the latest technology and innovative solutions that help them improve their business efficiency and achieve their commercial goals at an affordable cost.

In conclusion, I am excited about the future of Mas Masr Technology. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, innovate, and deliver exceptional results. I am confident that with our talented team, strong values, and unwavering dedication, we will achieve even greater heights of success.