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Protection is always an important and serious issue in the DrayTek Devices, With a strong and solid wall protecting unable to protect the network from external attacks, including adopted attacks and unauthorized access remotely your network becomes more secure and heavily guarded.

Allow you Router DrayTek select data traffic path through the application of a set of rules (to ensure high performance in your network) as well as remote access "VPN" one of the distinctive features in the router you are aware of through the VPN, which allows you to link the branches your company of during the communication channel is secure and encrypted allow you to access resources and data and information contained in those Branches

DrayTek Inc. was founded in 1997 by a group of experienced engineers. It is now one of the leading networking solutions company. I've moved from being a company tack care of by connecting remotely to one of the companies that provide a lot of variety of products in the field of networking solutions worldwide.
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Hospitality Network
Wi-Fi has become the most important factor for the travelers. Except for cozy rooms, lavish amenities, and friendly staffs, providing a stable Wi-Fi will definitely make your guests feel more like home. DrayTek provides solutions that help you deploy a reliable and secure wireless network to welcome your guests.
أصبح واي فاي العامل الأكثر أهمية للمسافرين - وباستثناء الغرف المريحة ووسائل الراحة الفخمة والموظفين الودودين -  فإن توفير خدمة ( الواي فاي ) الثابتة سيجعل ضيوفك يشعرون بمزيد من الراحة. يوفر درايتك الحلول التي تساعدك على نشر شبكة لاسلكية موثوقة وآمنة للترحيب بضيوفك.
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