1. Wireless Management of up to 30 DrayTek APs
  2. up to 10 VigorSwitch, and 200 Users PC


Hardware Interface




Features of the Vigor3220 series Multi-Subnet security routers will satisfy the network requirements of medium business networks. Its Multi-Subnet interface with Multi-VLAN function allows users to easily divide network into different sections based on applications such as ERP and FTP. Each usage/ application or user group can get its dedicated bandwidth and administrator can have security control between user groups for preventing possible data leakage. The said series are equipped with four Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports, one gigabit Ethernet LAN port, one DMZ port, two USB ports, The console port allows a dedicated computer to be used for configuring the router. The Vigor3220 and Vigor3220n are designed for small offices using multi super-fast broadband for better business continuity and productivity.
Attack Protection