The Vigor2960 serves as a VPN gateway and a central firewall for multi-site offices and teleworkers. With data throughput up to 1 Gbps via the two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports, the 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, and the high-performance VPN, Vigor2960 brings productivity to various business operations.
WAN Load Balancing

Vigor2960 offers WAN throughput up to 1 Gbps, there are 2 Gigabit Ethernet WAN for either load balance or failover applications, up to two 3G/4G USB modems can be attached to the USB ports to add additional cellular connectivity. Up to 4 physical WAN connections can be active simultaneously to provide a high-performance as well as high-availability network.
While acting as an authoritative DNS server, VIgor2960 can also perform inbound load balancing to distribute the incoming connection requests across multiple WAN links to the server behind Vigor2960.
Attack Protection
UTM - FireWall