The Dual-WAN provides load balancing or link redundancy to ensure a reliable Internet access. Vigor2915 Series is also a robust VPN server for up to 16 concurrent tunnels. The firewall and content filtering features can control the incoming and outgoing network traffic, and it also offers bandwidth management functions that optimize the bandwidth allocation and make the best use of the subscribed bandwidth.
Load Balancing
Maximize throughput and reliability by using multiple Internet connections.
Firewall & Content Filter
Filter web pages by URL keyword or web category to block access to insecure or inappropriate contents.
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Build a secure and private tunnel from the LAN to the remote offices and teleworkers over the Internet.
The free DDNS service for you to access the router by a fixed hostname of your choice.
Bandwidth Management
Prevent one device using all the bandwidth by bandwidth limit policy, session limit policy, and QoS settings.
Hotspot Web Portal
Market your business and communicate with the guests while offering hospitality Wi-Fi.
The VPN works through firewalls providing secure remote access to any network environment